About the Project

New development has occurred in north and northeast sections of Pierre because of the availability of developable land, free of geographical constraints. The Pierre Comprehensive Plan has identified these areas as the location for continued future development, with commercial development along the arterial street corridors, transitioning to multi-family and single family residential in the areas away from the arterial streets.

This growth will need to be served by infrastructure services, including a transportation system designed to provide safe, efficient travel throughout the growth area. The South Dakota Department of Transportation, the City of Pierre, and the Federal Highway Administration have partnered to conduct a study of the transportation system in Pierre's anticiapted growth area, with the cooperation of Hughes County.

Study Area

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Study Objectives

  • Identifying transportation issues and needs in the study area through analysis of existing and future operations and public input.

  • Developing plans and tools to guide development of the future transportation system to serve the community‚Äôs needs.

  • Specific access management plans for the US 14/US 83 and SD Hwy 1804 arterial corridors.